Online or on the phone, we are here to listen

The City of Muscatine website has a wealth of information that will answer most questions posed by concerned citizens. There are times, however, when the answer to a question is not fully available. When this happens, citizens can contact the City of Muscatine for a better explanation.

All too frequently we see items posted on social media sites that some residents of the community are having difficulty in communicating their comments, concerns, or ideas to the City of Muscatine. We regret that some citizens find it difficult to ask questions or relay information to City of Muscatine staff, and we would like these individuals to know that we appreciate their desire to help us better serve Muscatine. We appreciate all the residents of Muscatine along with their questions, comments, and ideas on how to make Muscatine even better.

Here are the top ways to communicate your comments, concerns, or ideas to the City of Muscatine:


The quickest avenue to connect with the City of Muscatine is to call City Hall at 563-264-1550 and ask for the department where your comment, concern, or idea resides. If a staff member is unavailable you may leave a voice mail with your name, address, phone number, and your comment, concern, or idea. City staff listens to their voice mail regularly and responds according to the issue raised. Just make sure to leave your name, address, and phone number so that the City can contact you for more information if needed.

A list of departments can be accessed under the Government tab of the City of Muscatine web site.


A second method of contact is an excellent but little used protocol on the City of Muscatine web site called Community Voice. The Community Voice button is located on the front page of the web site and with just a click of the button you will be taken to the Community Voice page. Here you will be able to post your comment, concern, or idea under one of the initiative categories listed or as a general comment.

Bear with us … this is a new section to our web site and we are working to be just as comfortable using it as you are.

Once you type in your comment, concern, or idea, click on “Next Step”. This will open a new window where you will be prompted to register with your email address or to create a profile. This is a security measure and your email address and/or profile will not be used by the City of Muscatine for any purpose other than communicating our response to your comment, concern, or idea. However, you do need to register for your comment, concern, or idea to be posted.

We do monitor Community Voice and believe that it is a great way to express ideas or suggests changes to the City of Muscatine.

Community Voice


A third way to communicate your comment, concern, or idea to the City of Muscatine is by email. On our web site you will find a page for each department within the City of Muscatine and on that page is an email address. Copy the email link to your email program and send your comment, concern, or idea to that department. All email is read (and we even check our spam folders) and each department does respond as time and the situation warrants.

A staff directory is located here.


The City of Muscatine uses social media to keep Muscatine residents informed and to connect with the citizens on a variety of issues. The City utilizes Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and other social media sites to tell the story of what we do, why we do it, and who we do it for. Facebook is our most popular social media site and offers the ability to message the City. Of course you can tag the City in most social media sites and we do monitor all of them.

We will be unveiling a new section in July that will increase the transparency between City government and the citizens of Muscatine. will be featured on our front page and allow a citizen access to financial and statistical reports created by City staff. These are the same reports that City Council and the Mayor receive. We will have more on this opportunity in the weeks to come.


An additional way of presenting your comments, concerns, or ideas to the City of Muscatine is to contact the elected officials whose contact information is also available on the City web site.

A list of emails for City Council members is located on the City Council page.  Information for contacting the mayor is located on the Mayor page.


The City of Muscatine welcomes comments, concerns, and ideas from residents and visitors to this community. No question is left unanswered, no concern is too small,  and no idea is not discussed. Communicate with us. We are listening.


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