How Has Blue Zones Project® Changed Muscatine?


Just over three years ago, residents of Muscatine gathered at Muscatine High School for a big kickoff celebration to mark the start of a community-wide initiative toward better health. Blue Zones Project® began to take our city by storm as we worked together toward well-being.

It has been amazing to see the transformation of our community. Since launching Blue Zones Project, we’ve seen a 17.5% increase in exercise levels, while stress levels have dropped by 13.6%!

In this post, we would like to give you a snapshot of some of the successes of the project and encourage you to read the full guide detailing the story of Muscatine Blue Zones Project and what it means for the future of our community.


By the Numbers:

23,968 Lives impacted

40% People engaged

8,501 Individuals pledged to support well-being

23,595 Well-being actions taken by individuals

41% Believe Blue Zones Project has made a positive impact on the community

78 Organizations implementing well-being principles

1,149 Changes made by organizations to support living longer, better

36 Organizations completing the pledge

22 Muscatine worksites are Blue Zones Worksites®

45% Of Muscatine’s locally owned restaurants are Blue Zones Restaurants®

36% Of Muscatine’s public schools are Blue Zones Schools®

40% Of Muscatine’s grocery stores are Blue Zones Grocery Stores®


We hope you check out the full story of Muscatine’s transformation: The Story of Muscatine

Thank you to everyone who has supported this initiative! The community-wide effort could not have been achieved without the support of our community leaders, local business and industry, Muscatine Blue Zones Project team, and of course, our incredible community volunteers!

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