Back-in Angled Parking is Being Demonstrated in Muscatine – Here’s Your Guide!

Here’s your guide to back-in angled parking that is now in Muscatine! Linn Street, between Mississippi Drive and Alley #1, was recently striped and prepared to accommodate back-in angled parking. This is a demonstration project in order to allow community members to experience back-in angled parking.

Linn Street Back-in Parking

Back-in angled parking is being considered for incorporation into the design for the Mississippi Drive Corridor Project because it will increase safety and allow for a greater number of on-street parking spaces to be added to Mississippi Drive. This type of parking is also safer and more convenient for loading and unloading vehicles, especially when children are present.  Additionally, it allows you to see better as you are pulling out of the stall. At the 2nd Mississippi Drive Corridor Project public meeting, 67% of attendees voted that they were open to this concept.

Linn Street Parking (1)-page-001

Because it is a new concept to Muscatine, a demonstration of back-in angled parking has been set up on Linn Street. This will allow community members to experience back-in angled parking and offer feedback prior to the final decision of whether to incorporate such parking into the redesign of Mississippi Drive.

Back-In Parking

So, how do you do it? 

Cars parking on Linn street will be utilizing back-in parking on both sides of the street. Whether you are entering the area from Mississippi Drive or from Alley #1, you are able to pull forward and past your desired stall, use your right turn signal, stop, and then back into the stall. Back-in parking is one step easier than parallel parking.

The following YouTube video demonstrates how back-in parking is being used in the City of Austin. This is just one example of the effectiveness of back-in parking as it is being used in cities all across the United States.


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