Stay Connected with the City of Muscatine!

NewsletterThe City of Muscatine wants to make it even easier for you to find information about what is happening within the departments of the City! We hope that by providing you with information in a variety of different ways, you will be able to stay informed. We highly value your input and participation as we work together for the betterment of our community!

One of our newest communications features is a monthly newsletter! The newsletter is an electronic publication that is delivered to your email inbox. We feature news and highlights so you can stay up-to-date on what is happening in city government. Click here to subscribe!

Notify Me

Our website has a great feature called Notify Me that allows you to receive text or email notifications about areas that interest you. Take a look at Notify Me and sign up for notifications. You can get notifications about anything from City Council Agendas to Kent-Stein Field Conditions to Declared Snow Emergency information. This is a wonderful resource!

Community Voice 

In the interest of gathering input from community members about what goes on within the City, we are trying out a new website feature. It’s called Community Voice. On this section of the website, there is a forum that contains a place for you to submit ideas and then others can add feedback to start a discussion. Join us on Community Voice surrounding the topic of Downtown Muscatine. Let’s see what kind of ideas we can bring together!


*You can also always find timely information on our Facebook and Twitter pages.*

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