What’s Goes On in Public Works?

Hello there!

It’s Emily Lofgren here with the City of Muscatine. I’m glad you’re taking the time to read more about the Public Works Department.

As I’ve toured the various departments within the City, I have enjoyed learning how each department plays a significant role in making things run smoothly in the community. The Public Works Department is the largest department with 70 employees split into 10 divisions and a $12 Million operational budget. It was one of the first departments I began to learn more about.

Muscatine Public Works
Sam Ravenscraft is a Vehicle Mechanic in the Vehicle Maintenance Division of Public Works. He spends his time making sure the vehicles in the department run smoothly.

Some of the Public Works divisions and functions include:

  • Building and Grounds – Maintaining the many public buildings and grounds visited daily by Muscatine residents and the business community
  • Engineering – Managing and designing projects and participating in strategic planning for the community’s future
  • Equipment Services – Ensuring more than 250 pieces of motorized equipment and rolling stock are fleet ready daily
  • Public Transit – Offering public transportation to all of Muscatine’s citizens through the MuscaBus program
  • Roadway Maintenance – Designing, constructing and maintaining streets
  • Sewer Collection and Drainage – Providing a healthy and safe environment for the entire community by ensuring a functional sewer infrastructure
  • Solid Waste Operation – Collecting refuse and recycling daily, transporting it to the city’s transfer station and ultimately disposing of waste at the landfill

As you might recognize from this list of divisions and their functions, the Public Works Department deals with many areas of concern in the City that we may take for granted or never even think about. From maintaining roads, to planning for the future, to maintaining our sewer system, to collecting our garbage, the Public Works Department handles items that are crucial for everyday life in Muscatine.

Muscatine Public Works

When I first arrived at the location of Muscatine Public Works, I was welcomed into a meeting led by Public Works Director Randy Hill. I had the pleasure of being introduced to the managers of the department’s divisions and learning a little bit about what each division does.

We discussed the type of information that is necessary to convey to citizens of Muscatine. My job is to spread awareness about what the departments are doing and how those in the community are affected by it. We want you to know what’s going on, so that you can play an active role in decision making. So, part of that effort is to determine the best ways to get that information out.

Muscatine Public Works

After the meeting, Administrative Secretary Connie Mann gave me a tour of the facility. I was able to see where Public Works vehicles are repaired and maintained. Later, Connie gave me an overview of current Public Works projects. She was very helpful with answering any questions. I appreciated the opportunity to gain a better understanding of the department so that I can better share that information with you.

Once again, it was another educational tour in the books. Be looking for further updates on current Public Works projects.

Thank you for reading.

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