Save the Date: September 1 to be Mississippi Drive Corridor Project Kick-off

Save September 1 and plan to attend a kick-off event for the Mississippi Drive Corridor Project. The event will be held at the Muscatine Riverfront, with specific location and time information to be released soon.

What is the Mississippi Drive Corridor Project?

It is a proposal for reconstructing the 1.6 miles of U.S. 61-Business (pavement and curb/gutter). It also includes street lighting, landscaping, gateway features, pedestrian crossings, sidewalk improvements, traffic signals, geometric improvements, storm drainage improvements, and road embankment work intended to improve flood protection. The work will focus on four distinct areas adjoining Muscatine’s Central Business District.  The improvement segments include the HNI Campus Area, Downtown Area, High Sidewalk (Bluff) Area and the Carver Corner Area.

The City of Muscatine plans for this project to meet the objectives of Muscatine’s complete street policy by improving both Muscatine’s quality of life and image. This project will provide a safe and attractive environment for street users of all ages and abilities such as motorists, pedestrians, bicyclists, mass transit, children, senior citizens, individuals with disabilities, freight carriers, emergency responders and adjacent land users. It will modernize U.S. 61-Business and will enhance aesthetics throughout the corridor that are consistent with Muscatine’s riverfront improvements.

Why should I attend the kick-off?

Attending the kick-off is a great way to learn more about the project and become engaged in the process. We want you to have the opportunity to take part in the Mississippi Drive Corridor transformation and this is a wonderful way to start. We’ll work together to identify community values to pursue a vision for the project. You will have the opportunity to look at maps and provide feedback as we take ideas to the drawing board. More details about the event will be released soon.

How do I prepare for the kick-off?

A good way to prepare for the Mississippi Drive Corridor Project Kick-off is to take a look at the following resource guide: Toward Health and Well-Being in Muscatine. The guide was created by Dan Burden as a resource to help show us the potential we have as a community. It highlights opportunities to transform transportation ways within the city to reap many benefits. Read through the guide and think about some of the ways we can utilize the concepts highlighted to create a new Mississippi Drive Corridor.

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